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Developing a Website for You

We believe that every customer is unique and that their website should be a direct reflection of this. Using pre-written templates may cut down on development time but it's often a bit like squeezing a square peg into a round hole.

In order to ensure that every customer gets something that meets their precise requirements and stands out from the crowd, we follow a simple procedure which is broken down into the stages shown below:

  • Stage 1 - Initial Free Consultation

    It's extremely important that we not only understand you and your business, but also why you are looking to develop a website or update an existing one.

    We'll discuss exactly what you'd like to achieve in the short, medium and long term and if you have an existing site then we'll provide a free analysis of this and give you feedback on how well we think it is working for you.

    We can undertake the initial consultation on the phone or face to face and once it's complete we'll email you a summary of what we discussed to ensure that we have understood your requirements.

  • Stage 2 - Design Concept

    Based on the initial consultation we'll produce a proof outline of how we think the website will look including the navigation, key layout and colour scheme. We'll then discuss this with you at length and amend it as required.

    We'll send you another proof outline after each revision and repeat the process until you are completely happy with the design.

    Once the design is approved we'll look at exactly which pages and features are required for your site so that we can provide a final, fixed-price quote for the work.

    In addition we'll discuss what phrases/terms you'd like your company to be found under using the major search engines as well as providing you with feedback on the competition in those areas and our advice on what we think will work best.

  • Stage 3 - Website Production

    We'll set about creating the actual code which will make your website work, as well as creating/acquiring the graphics required. At the same time, we'll ask you to send us your specific content for each section of the site - text, photos, documents, etc.

    It is possible for us to create some/all of the content for you (from taking the photos to writing the content) or help you to produce your own - just ask as part of the initial consultation.

  • Stage 4 - Online Testing

    We thoroughly test all of the code that we produce as the development proceeds, however, there is no substitute for real world testing, so we'll make a pre-production draft available online for you to test to your satisfaction (we'll also conduct further testing ourselves)

  • Stage 5 - Live Release

    When you are happy that the testing has been completed, we'll make the website available for public use as well as submitting it to the key search engines and completing a final "live test".

Getting the Internet to Work for You

It's one thing to deliver a flashy site crammed full of images, animation and sound, it's a completely different prospect to deliver something that is efficient, elegant, easy to navigate and gets the message home to both your customers and the search engines.

We often see websites that are full of very impressive visuals but what is the point of this if they load slowly and then don't get the message across? Worse still, they often don't work in all of the browsers or rank that well with the search engines.

  • Why we Stand Out

    • We test on all of the major browsers (including smartphones and tablets)
    • Your site will still work even if a visitor's browser isn't running some of the usual web technologies (Javascript, Flash, etc.)
    • Your website will be built from the ground up to be search engine friendly
    • Your site will be efficient and not bloated with technology for technology's sake
  • That Added Extra

    • We can help you to create your content (text, photos, logos, etc.)
    • If you have the time and would like to learn, we are more than happy to train you on many aspects of website management
    • We can teach you how to set up and manage your own online ad campaigns

Standard Site Features

  • Personal service
  • 1 year's hosting
  • Email addresses
  • Visitor statistics
  • Expert support
  • Search Optimisation
  • Scalability
  • Sitemap submission

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