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Website Design

We offer website designs that are carefully crafted for your precise needs.

We produce bespoke designs for each customer and don't use templates unless specifically asked to by a customer.

Why we don't recommend templates

  • A generic template will never allow you to stand out in the crowd
  • You are unlikely to be able to have the exact features you need
  • It is unlikely to take advantage of the latest browser features
  • It is very unlikely that it will be fully optimised for search engines

Bespoke Designs

As far as we are concerned, every customer is unique and their website should accurately reflect their individual requirements and needs.

Simply selecting a template, filling in a few sections of text and uploading some pictures really won't give you a site which can get your message across fully or help to grow your business.

Below is a brief summary of just some of the things that we'll ensure for your site:

  • Usability - It will be clear, quick and easy to navigate
  • Visual Appeal - The look will be designed to help capture & keep your visitors' attention
  • Message Delivery - Your information will be presented clearly and precisely
  • Value for Money - The site will be within budget and do what you need it to
  • Reliability - We test & re-test to ensure that everything works as expected
  • Compatibility - Your site will be built to W3C standards and using some of the latest technologies including HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, XML, etc.

Standard Site Features

  • Personal service
  • 1 year's hosting
  • Email addresses
  • Visitor statistics
  • Expert support
  • Search Optimisation
  • Scalability
  • Sitemap submission

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