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Hosting Services

What is Hosting?

When you hear the phrases "the host" or "hosting" it refers to a place where the website will actually run - the physical hardware and network environment.

Every website needs to be hosted and the majority can be found on servers which manage a number of websites and which themselves are part of a much bigger setup. This environment is usually professionally managed by a 3rd party company.

It is possible to build and run your own hosting environment, but it can be quite expensive and for the majority of customers, it's not usually the right approach.

Our Approach to Hosting

We specialise in providing high quality website and design services and while we do have a good knowledge of server environments, we prefer to leave the actual hosting to trusted 3rd parties.

We don't provide a hosting only service, but if we are delivering a new website for you then we can handle the entire set up and management of the hosting area for you.

If you have any questions about hosting, then please just drop us a line.

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