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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about creating a website and its content in a way that ensures that your site appears as high up each search engine's (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) listings as possible.

SEO should never be at the expense of your visitor's experience and should never be about trying to "trick" search engines.

SEO isn't quite as complicated as some might make out, but it's also not something that can be explained in a few words. Below is a brief summary of how we can help, but if you would like any addiitonal information, then just get in touch.

We Believe in Straight Talk

We take a pragmatic, straight talking approach to SEO:

  • We build websites with SEO as standard

    All of our websites are built to be easily indexed by the search engines and to allow for favourable results in the listings. We'll also ensure that any content you provide is adapted as necessary to encourage high quality search results.

    The fundamentals of optimising a website for search engines is not an optional extra with us!

  • We build websites with Google Analytics as standard

    How can you make decisions about your SEO or online advertising without knowing how your site is used and how effective it currently is?

    Google Analytics™ allows your site to gather large amounts of invaluable data on how it is used. This information is essential when managing the growth of your site and tracking promotional campaigns.

    As standard, we'll give each of your site pages the ability to track the necessary data, as well as providing you with a login to access the reports.

  • No unnecessary ongoing monthly costs

    Unless we think it is absolutely vital for your particular site, we won't look to sign you up for monthly contracts to handle ongoing online marketing, when you might prefer us just to provide you with the training to do it for yourself and save on the expense.
  • We won't promise what we can't deliver

    We always strive to get the best possible search listing results for our customers, but in any meaningful sense, it can be a hard fought and lengthy process to ensure that you will be number one.

    Search engines work to try and match search phrases with relevant content, the more sites that are competing to attract visitors for a specific phrase, the harder it can get to be number one.

    For example, if you have a computer retail company called XYZ Ltd in Bristol then appearing number one in a search for "computer retailers" is harder than appearing number one for "computer retailers Bristol", which in turn is much harder than "XYZ Ltd computer retailer Bristol".

    Being told you will be number one in search results is meaningless unless you are told which phrases (keywords) that will be for.

  • We want your site to grow

    We are always here to help you get the most from your site and the better it does in the search rankings, the better it is for you and the better it is for us.

That Bit Extra

We can also provide more extensive Search Engine Optimisation:

  • Competitor research

    Looking at how your competitors are advertising themselves online, the results that they are getting and the methods being used to achieve these results.
  • Data gathering

    We have access to a wide variety of tools which can help us look at which keywords or phrases are likely to be the most productive for your site and the level of competition you might face.

    By conducting thorough research and listening to your input, we can also often suggest alternative keywords that you may like to consider and provide new ideas for subtle changes in your content to maximise results.

  • New Content

    In general, search engines prefer sites that are regularly updated with new, relevant content.

    If you have an existing site then we can help you review where you are now and make suggestions for new content that may help with your ranking.

    If we are providing a new website, then we can help plan out its future updates and growth as well as providing content management systems that will allow you to keep your content fresh.

  • Online marketing

    Good quality links from relevant sites back to your own plays a key part in how well you will do in search results.

    We can help you "get the word out there" by advising on interacting with forums, blogs and Facebook as well as getting listings in respected online directories.

  • Ongoing support

    Search Engine Optimisation really isn't a do once and forget task. A new site should be built to certain standards and the content should be optimised as much as possible, but then it should be regularly reviewed.

    We are happy to look at any existing content with a view to suggesting additional content or further fine tuning to take account of current trends or the latest search engine updates.

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