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Online Advertising

Creating a great new website is one part of the equation, ensuring that people know it exists is another.

In addition to our Search Engine Optimisation we can also help you to set up an even more focused online advertising presence.

So many choices and so little time

Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Business directories, forums, blogs; the list of ways to advertise and announce your presence on the Internet seems almost endless and setting up and managing them can be both daunting and time consuming.

With our help and advice you can make the best use of the promotional channels that will be right for you and your website.

Below are a few more details on just some of the ways that we can help:

  • Google Adwords

    Google Adwords is a method of paying for online advertising that can not only appear alongside normal search results, but also within certain websites.

    When you type in a specific search term into Google you usually get at least 2 types of results:

    • Organic results - site listings with content that Google determines is relevant to your search and where the order of those listings cannot be paid for. This is where SEO can help
    • Sponsored links - as with organic results they are still relevant to the search terms and can be influenced by good quality site SEO, but these are directly paid for advertisements set up through the Adwords system. The amount of money spent on the advert influences where it is placed

    The great thing about Adwords is that you have total control of the budget and very fine control over when the adverts are shown and to whom. Plus, if your site has good SEO then this helps your adverts appear higher up the rankings and can even help to reduce the costs.

    Rather than charge you a monthly fee for posting and managing your adverts we are happy to do the initial set up and then show you how to maintain everything, all for a one-off cost.

    You keep total control while reducing the amount you spend!

  • Facebook

    We can help you to get started on Facebook, work with you to create an initial page and give advice on managing the account. In addition we can ensure that your web page is linked to Facebook through the use of "follow me" and "like" links.

    If you wanted to go further still, then it's possible to embed large amounts of the information available within your Facebook account directly on your website.

  • Online Directories

    There are a large range of online business directories, some of which are free for adding listings while others either charge or offer an initial free entry but want payment for various "upgrades".

    Sorting out which directory (if indeed any) might work for you and whether a paid entry would be worthwhile can be a minefield.

    Not only can we help you to choose the right directories to get the best results for the least outlay, but we can also help you create and post your content.

  • Forums

    Being an active part of one or more forums which are relevant to your website can really help you to get results, not only in directly providing business leads, but also in increasing your own website's search ranking.

    We can help you to locate and research the forums that are most likely to be effective for you as well as assisting you in creating both the direct banner advertising and in becoming a positive part of the forum community (which can often lead to indirect business exposure through personal recommendations).

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