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The Growth of Online Shopping

Across the board, online sales, whether they are services or products, are increasingly rapidly (it is predicted that 2013 will see a 12% growth in UK online sales).

Consumers have a wider online choice than ever and they are spending longer researching products, so it's important to ensure that, not only does your website stand-out, but also that the shopping experience you provide is first-class.

Getting Started with Online Trading

In order to sell products or services online you'll need 4 important items:

  • Product Management - A way to display and manage the products that you want to sell
  • Shopping Cart - A way to manage the products/services that a customer has selected
  • Payment Gateway - An online system for processing payment transactions online
  • Merchant Account - A bank account that allows businesses to accept card payments

If you are new to this and it sounds daunting, then don't worry as we can directly provide the first two items and help you with the last two.

We'll make the whole process as easy as possible and will explain everything clearly as we go along.

Creating an Ecommerce System for You

As with our website design, we really don't believe that one-size fits all, so before we make any recommendations about the best way forward for your site, we'll spend the time to listen to your exact requirements and to understand your business.

We don't have just one solution for providing Ecommerce where we make your business fit and you end up with something that doesn't really work for you, or which may be overly complicated.

We can provide a number of routes to online shopping:

  • If you are just starting out or only want to sell a couple of items we can provide simple "Buy" buttons linked to a cart and payment gateway OR
  • We can create a bespoke system for you to provide maximum flexibility and provide complete control OR
  • We can link your site to a specialist product and shopping cart provider (whilst still using your domain name) and then customise that area to look like the rest of your site

We'll happily discuss all of the options and make everything clear during our free consultation, so please get in touch today.

Standard Site Features

  • Personal service
  • 1 year's hosting
  • Email addresses
  • Visitor statistics
  • Expert support
  • Search Optimisation
  • Scalability
  • Sitemap submission

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